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Have you tried almost everything to clear your acne, including prescription medications, but are still not seeing any improvements in your skin? You're probably not aware that acne is primarily genetic and there is no cure for it. However, there is a way to keep it under control. Our approach to acne treatment is to educate our clients in safe and effective methods to keep acne under control for good. 

Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores – pores that shed dead skin cells much faster than normal. Normal pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore. The acne-prone pore sheds up to five layers of dead skin cells per day and the body just can’t keep up. This form the microcomedone is the beginning of all acne. Taking up to 90 days, it turns into blackheads or congestion under the skin; or if bacteria is present (which just loves to feed on the dead skin cells and oil), it turns into inflamed pimples or pustules and maybe even cysts.

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We've all heard that drinking water is essential for good health, including our skin health.  There is a difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin and the distinction is an important one. Dry skin is lacking oil and dehydrated skin is lacking water. Dehydrated skin is flaky and prone to breakouts. Some moisture products have been created to help dry skin, but the ultimate solution is drinking water!


We've all been tempted to mess with the blemishes that pop up on our faces. We know we won't be the first to tell you that you should NOT do this if you want your skin to clear up! Picking at pimples can spread bacteria that can cause more inflammation in other parts of your skin.  If you pick, squeeze, and break the skin, that scab will leave a red or dark mark that will be there for months, making your skin look WAY worse than if you left it alone.

For inflammation relief, we suggest icing your pimples and pustules. For the best results, do this for about two minutes, twice a day. Even if a pimple is in its beginning stages, you can prevent further inflammation by icing it right away. Face 5 sells The Soothie Q, which is a great reusable icepack for your face!


Detergent with fragrance can cause skin irritation. Best to use fragrance-free detergent such as Tide Free.


  • Reduce Acne causing Foods

  • Start by getting rid of processed foods.

  • Stay away from - Sugar, Dairy Products, Fast food, Chocolate, 5. Greasy Food, Whey Protein Powder, Refined Grains, Foods Rich in Omega-6 Fats, Lean Meat & Animal Protein


Note: Observe how your skin reacts to different foods. If you notice breakouts immediately after consuming any of the above-mentioned foods, you can choose to avoid them.

Foods that help to keep Acne under control.

  • soybeans and soy products, such as tofu

  • spinach and  kale

  • navy beans

  • grass-fed beef

  • nuts, such as walnuts and almonds

  • flaxseeds

  • mustard seeds

  • wild rice

  • probiotics

  • turmeric



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